Chay Sengkhounmany comes highly recommended by her clients. Read what people are saying.

My name is Moises. Miss Chay is my immigration lawyer, and I have been working with her since 2010. There has never been an issue with her. She has always been there for whatever I need.
She has always been straight with my situation.
She always works hard for my wife, my daughter, and myself. She’s a hard worker. I have followed her when she changed jobs. Anywhere she goes, I am gonna follow her because to me she’s the person that you can trust. Thanks.
— Moises S.
Our experience was prompt and to the point. Chay is a very detailed and importantly, “knows what she is doing.” She will go through the entire process with you so that you and your spouse can understand what’s going on. Government papers can be so confusing and frustrating, but she breaks the process down to a tee. We had no issues completing our paperwork and getting our documents in a timely manner. Plus, she always updates and gets back with us if we have any questions or if there are any updates we should be aware of. While she’s professional, she’s also very easy to get along with and relate to. My husband got his green card within a few short months after seeking her help and now we can move on with our lives together. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone.
— Takemura Family 2016